ThunderCats: Sword of Omens

Play the ThunderCats: Sword of Omens game to help Lion-O and his team find the Book of Omens. Fight Mumm-Ra's lizard army to reach the book's location.

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About ThunderCats: Sword of Omens Game

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Join the Thundercats in their search for the legendary Book of Omens in the ThunderCats: Sword of Omens game! However, Mumm-Ra, their sworn enemy, helped by Slithe and his army of lizards, will do everything to stop your journey and keep the book for himself. Can you help Lion-O find the book and defeat their enemies?

Your job is to go beyond Thundera and past the Cloud Peak Mine until you reach the Tower of Omens. However, the lizard warriors will not let you hit your goal so quickly and will always look for a fight. Are you brave enough to face them and get your hand on the Book of Omens?

How to Play

Your path is not easy, so you should learn the controls before you begin! Here is a list of everything you should know:

 - Left and Right arrow keys: Move around / Wall Jump.

 - Down arrow key: Block.

 - Up arrow key: Jump.

 - Z: Strong Attack.

 - X: Light Attack.

 - Spacebar: Ultimate Combo.

You can perform combos by quickly pressing the attack keys three times. Also, you can use the ultimate combo only when your combo bar is full from taking down enemies.

There are three levels you will have to go through to get your hands on the Book of Omens:

 - Thundera Forest.

 - Cloud Peak Mine.

 - Tower of Omens.

Also, each has plenty of stages you should complete by hitting the goal marker until you can reach the next level. However, they are full of enemies that can take you down if your fighting skills are not good enough.

Besides your combo meter, you should beware of your health if you want a smooth journey to the Book of Omens. Getting attacked by lizards or stepping on bombs will quickly drain your life meter. Don't worry, though! You can regenerate some by grabbing all the health points you find around.

There is more you should know!

You should also aim to grab as many points as possible in your adventure! They look like the Thundercats' emblem, so they are not hard to miss. Also, you will have a goal at every stage, and you should get as close to hitting it as possible. These, plus the battles you will partake in, will influence the overall score of your stage!

Lastly, try to pick your character carefully. Each one of the Thundercats has strong points. For example, Cheetara is the fastest, and Tygra has a powerful grip. Lion-O is the most balanced one, and you should advance a bit through your journey to play as Panthro. So, mind the stats and choose whatever seems best!

Are you ready to join the Thundercats in their adventure to find the Book Of Omens? Let's see if you got what it takes to defeat the army of Mumm-Ra and Slithe!