Time Wizard

Play the Time Wizard game and help Clarence climb and jump through a medieval castle while using his magic powers. Collect the stars in each level!

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School can be annoying sometimes. In the Time Wizard game, Clarence experienced this on his skin when he fell asleep during history class. Now he dreams of old times and about the fact that he is a time wizard. What a creative imagination. And you can see for yourself what wonders happen in his head. You might be quite surprised be surprised!

In this dream of Clarence, you need to control every action he makes. And the most exciting part is that you also have the power to stop time! Wow! Are you ready to join Clarence in this truly unique adventure?

How to Play

To move Clarence back and forth, use the Left and Right arrow keys. To jump, press the Spacebar key, and when you want to throw with different objects, press the C key.

Even if it seems to be easy, do not get fooled. To be a time wizard, you have to use some powers to stop the time. Clarence will be able to use his skills only when you press the Up arrow key. The moment you do this, the time will stop for a few seconds. Use these seconds to climb on moving floors.

You can use your powers to make pieces of wood stop rolling, too. If you do not want to wait for those seconds to pass, you can press the Down arrow key, and the time will go on.

Once you arrive in front of one gate, press the space bar, and it will open so you can pass through it. Every door has a number on it. You are at the level that the entry indicates. In each stage, you have to collect three golden stars. Do your best to grab them all!.

Help Clarence to become the greatest time wizard ever and make his dream come true!