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Sometimes summers can be long, hot and can be lacking any fun even though school is out, and what can you do in such situations? Some go away on road trips, or maybe spend the afternoon at the pool but what happens when you get sick of all these things after doing them year after year. Well, in Lizard Day Hunt game there is one boy that has the answer to that question, and his name is Clarence.

You might have heard of him already from the famous tv show, and now he is here to share the secret of having a perfect summer with you. It is all about lizards, yes that is right, those small green creatures that crawl all around the place searching for food or a proper place to stay to warm up their cold blood. Our boy and his friends are challenging you to catch as many reptiles as you can, to prove that you know how to have fun!

Catch as many lizards as you can!

The idea is simple: for each day you have a number of lizards to catch. To pass the level, you have to get at least that amount of creatures on your hands, and you can be sure that the other guys will be proud of you and your efforts. Catch the lizards while they are crawling around the place by clicking them whenever you see one.

Keep out a sharp eye because sometimes they might be hiding in some weird places, from a bag of crisps to a pipe or even inside a garbage bag. Because their bodies are so small in size, they can hide almost anywhere, and to an inexperienced eye, they might be hard to spot. Once clicked, the animal will disappear from the screen, and the number on the lizard counter will get higher. Repeat until it reaches the minimum amount! Once you get there, continue your hunt and make sure that you are still thoroughly entertained and that you will prove yourself a great lizard catcher.

Useful Tips

Take care not to forget about the time graph. This one is quite useful and will tell you how much time you have left until the sun sets, and there will not be any more light for you to spot the prey. Each day you will have to collect an increasing number of reptiles, from different places. In each area, one of the boys will expect you to give a hand in the capture, but do not expect too much help. Because each place is unique, there will be different hiding sports and sites to crawl from each corner. That shouldn't be a problem for you for sure.

As you play, the lizards will find ways of getting more and more difficult to catch so sharpen your reflexes and see how quickly you can spot and click them before they disappear who knows where. See how many days you can maintain the quest for them and whether you can gather more than the minimum amount.

Good luck and have buckets of fun while playing.

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