Clarence Saves the Day

Play Clarence Saves the Day game, and help Clarence to buy a present for his mother. Help your friends and complete quests that lead to an awesome prize!

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Today it's Clarence's mother birthday, and everybody is celebrating her. But what could a child without any savings buy her? This boy has great plans for a present that will make her very happy, but in an adult's world, you cannot do that without money. This is the reason why he has a plan to do whatever is necessary to get her something awesome in Clarence Saves the Day game.

Here you start in his room where you have to search for some money but, unfortunately, you will not find much laying around. Here is a tip, look in the piggy, crack it a bit, and you might find something that might come in handy later. Next, you will go to the restaurant with your family and only there does the fun start. Gather your friends and see what you can do together.

Useful Tips

Jeff is there to help you get out of the place to look for a surprise. Do not go past the homeless guy on the bench because he might also offer you some valuable help. Appearances are not everything so that you know. Buy him something to eat, and you will win his heart and who knows maybe even something that will tie things up.

Go from person to person, and when you have finished up helping everyone, you are sure to win a prize worthy of Clarence's mother. At the end of this journey, not only that the initial mission will be accomplished, but you will have also had lots of fun while finding creative ways out of problems.

Be kind to everyone, use your brain, and good luck!