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Oh no! The floor is lava and Clarence has a long way to go until he finally gets home. The little boy will definitely need someone's help to get through the obstacles in his way. Be Clarence's right hand in the Hopping Heat game and show him that he can count on you.

Using your mouse, click when you think that Clarence should jump. Nevertheless, be very careful. He only has a few seconds before his time ends up and if this time passes, Clarence will fall so you will have to start the level again. You need to keep an eye on the little monsters who are spinning around every time you want to jump. If you happen to touch them, you will fall, and you have to start the level again.

As we all know, Clarence loves gummy bears. Who does not? This is an excellent opportunity for him to eat some because not only enemies will spin there but also some gummy bears. You have to collect up to three gummy bears per level for a high score.

The distance between the tires is not such a big one so Clarence will manage to jump with no problems as long as you help him. Do not give up too easily even if it looks like you cannot do it at first. When you try hard, and you continue to work for what you want, things will be on your side. Clarence depends on you with this mission, and you should do your best to help him.

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