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Any fan of penguins must try the Learn to Fly game! Give our black-and-white protagonist a helping hand so he can succeed in achieving his dream of flying!

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Play the Learn to Fly game for a thrilling experience at the South Pole in the company of an adorable Emperor Penguin! You'll have to join our black-and-white hero as he tries to achieve one of his biggest dreams: flying.

Even after doing a little online research and finding out that it isn't possible, our adorable bird isn't discouraged: he will find a way! With his ambition and your abilities, anything can happen, so stop hesitating and join him!

The game consists of multiple trampoline jumps. With every try, you can earn experience points that you can use to improve the environment or our protagonist's equipment and abilities. Therefore, the more you play, the more exciting this game gets! Are you ready to get started?

How to Play

Don't worry! Flying isn't as hard as you think! Patiently wait until the penguin reaches the edge of the ramp, then watch him hit the water with his belly.

To help him take off the ground, you have to adjust the angle of his body. If the penguin's speed is sufficient, he will fly for a certain distance before hitting the water again. Congratulations, you have just had your first successful take-off!

With each passing day, our waddling protagonist earns more experience. Invest his points to improve the Ramp Height, Acceleration, and Air Resistance. You can even add some flying equipment to the game, such as a Glider or a Rocket.

There are three levels for each type of flying device, allowing you to experiment and reach impressive heights! Give them all a try!

There's more you should know!

Achievements are one of the most entertaining parts of the game! They challenge you to reach a specific travel distance, height, speed, or gliding length. If you manage to accomplish a set of goals, you'll receive an upgrade to the ice ramp in the beginning.

Go from 5 feet to 10, 20, 35, or even 50! As you have figured out by now, the higher the ramp, the better your jump will be. Therefore, you'll be at an advantage the more achievements you complete!

Despite the simple controls and storyline, this game offers hours of fun! You'll become addicted to the protagonist's quirky personality and the smooth gameplay. Stop hesitating and learn to fly! You won't regret it!

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