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Play the Learn to Fly 2 game to help a penguin from Antarctica develop gadgets to fly. Test your inventions using the dummy until you destroy the iceberg!

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Here's what happened in the Learn to Fly 2 game. A cute penguin from Antarctica has the dream to fly freely over all snowmen and icebergs. He created many tools to help him achieve his goal, but he had no luck. Can you help him come up with new inventions and live his dream?

Because he needs to test all of his inventions first, he will use a test dummy to see if his methods are safe. He also has many enemies that he has to take down on his journey! Let's put your helmet on and see how far you can fly!

How to Play

Creating tools to make the penguin fly is the hard part. When it comes to flying, it's a piece of cake! Here is everything you should know:

 - Left and Right arrow keys or A and D: Tilt the dummy.

 - Spacebar or Mouse: Use your invention.

Each item will have its ways of using them, so it might take a while until you get everything sorted out. However, you will fly for a long time once you do!

You will have one test flight every day, and you should try to fly for as long as possible. If you do this, you will win some money to fund your future inventions. However, the penguin made loads of plans, and you will need to save a lot of cash if you want to try them all.

Here is a list of every type of invention planned by the penguin:

 - Sleigh: Use it on the ramp to increase your acceleration and take-off speed.

 - Glider: Kites, balloons, zeppelins, and more to increase your speed and control.

 - Boost: You can increase your speed after taking off using balloons, rockets, fireworks, and many more.

 - Payload: This increases your destroying powers so you can take on the toughest icebergs!

You can also upgrade your ramp and fuel. Even though it's expensive, it will be worth it when you fly as free as a bird!

There is more you should know!

Try to take down all of the penguin's enemies. The first you will encounter is the snowman, and the last is the iceberg. So, you should prepare many upgrades if you want to destroy them with a direct hit from your dummy!

You can increase your reward by completing challenges. For example, you can get a few dollars if you fly for a distance of one hundred feet, reach an altitude of ten feet, and more! Also, you can win medals if you clear many challenges, so don't miss out on them!

Are you ready to make the penguin's dream come true and achieve the perfect items to fly? Let's get started and see if you can also destroy all of his enemies on your journey!

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