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Continue the adventures at the Penguin NASA in the Learn to Fly 3 game. Can you help the Penguin develop a spaceship and upgrade it to reach the moon?

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After he conquered flying and destroyed the iceberg in the previous adventure, the penguin inventor grew quite a fan club for himself. However, some haters just sent him a nasty email and challenged him to fly to the moon in the Learn to Fly 3 game. Can you help him develop the best way to land on Earth's satellite?

Preparing for an outer space journey is no joke! Your job is to develop gadgets to make reaching the moon possible. However, the road there may have some obstacles, so approach cautiously! Let's get to Penguin NASA and prepare the penguin's vehicle!

How to Play

Before you reach for the stars, you should learn the controls. Here is everything you need to know:

 - Left and Right arrow keys or A and D: Tilt the aircraft.

 - Up arrow key or Mouse: Use your invention.

 - Down arrow key: Break.

Getting used to using all the tools will be difficult. However, it's the most important step if you want to land on the moon. So, be patient and figure everything out!

Your goal is to try to fly as high as possible and make progress daily! By doing this, you will win money to fund your other experiments to reach new milestones. However, going into space is not as cheap as you think, so it will take a lot of earnings to hit your goal!

Here is a list of every type of invention planned by the staff of Penguin NASA:

 - Body: Pick from crates, trash cans, and many more to protect your penguin!

 - Launcher: This is the part that will decide at what speed your ship will launch!

 - Stages: It will keep the ship flying after the launch.

 - Boosts: Choose between rockets, fins, and pressurized gas to give you a boost when you need it.

All the gadgets can get an upgrade if you have the funds. Also, you should keep your eyes on how much they weigh because it will influence your take-off!

There is more you should know!

Once you launch, there is no guarantee the penguin will be safe in the air! There will be many obstacles starting from birds, airplanes, and others that can get in your way. You should try to dodge them as fast as possible because they will drastically slow you down!

Lastly, you can win medals based on your performance. At the same time, when you get them, you will be granted points to buy power-ups from the bonus shop. Also, you can change your hud and even your appearance! So, try to hit as many milestones as possible if you want to unlock them all!

Are you ready to start your space journey and help the penguin show off to his haters? Let's put on your astronaut suit and get this adventure started!

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