Penguin Massacre

Defeat the army of evil penguins in the Penguin Massacre game. Grab your gun, aim carefully towards the enemies, and shoot fearlessly to win the money!

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Penguins are lovely. But not when they plan to attack you. Do you know the best way to defend yourself? Come with us and find it out in the Penguin Massacre game. You are the only one that can clean the North Pole from the evil penguins that want you dead. 

Grab your gun and protect yourself from the tiny monsters. Be careful, though. They are approaching rapidly, and you need to pay attention to their moves. If you have the ammunition, you will undoubtedly be safe. What happens if you do not have enough bullets? Stay with us to find out.

Win the points, win the money, and, most importantly, do not let the penguins approach your cliff. They are dangerous and vicious. Do not trust any of them. We are sure that you can massacre them all and acquire new ammunition just in time for the next attack. So get ready and start shooting!

Aim towards the penguins

The army of penguins will be approaching quite fast. All you need to do is to point the gun in their direction and shoot carefully. Put your pointer towards the penguin that you want to kill, then shoot by left-clicking on your mouse. It seems quite simple, does it not?

It can be simple if you aim really well. What happens if you don’t? Well, you only have twelve bullets in one cartridge. And you will need at least three shots to kill a dangerous penguin. If you miss or you consume your ammo, it might take a while for your cartridge to be recharged. 

Like this, other dangerous penguins might get to you and reduce your health. Make sure you will not let this happen. Use your ammunition carefully. Do not waste any bullet. And the most important thing of all is to keep on living. Once you have killed all of the penguins, you will receive a nice amount of money. 

Go to the shop and buy whatever you pleases. A new and stronger gun? A pair of glasses that will protect you from the attack of the enemies? Anything you like. You fought bravely and earned it all. Now come and defeat the army again. You’ve got it in you!