Bloody Penguin

Join Yeti on a throwing practice session in Bloody Penguin game! Smack the penguin at the right time to send it as farther as possible on the minefield!

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About Bloody Penguin Game

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In the Bloody Penguin game, you must hit the penguin with the help of a spiked club to send it as far as possible. If the similar game made by Yeti Sports, Pingu Throw, seemed a bit cruel, just wait to see this one. Although the game's graphics are quite old, it still features some more or less funny details.

In the foreground, on the right side of the screen, you can see a cliff with a penguin standing on its top. At the base of the rock is Yeti, holding the spiked club in his hands. Let's see what happens next.

How to Play

You just need the mouse to play this game. The moment you click, the penguin will jump off the rock. The main objective is to hit him with the paddle so that it will be thrown as farther as possible on the minefield. To do this, you have to click again when you think it's the right time.

The trick is to learn which is the right moment to hit the penguin; otherwise, you might just miss the shot or achieve a minimal distance.

Once hit, The penguin will float in the air, leaving a bloody trail behind. Depending on how good your shot was, it might fly for quite a few seconds.

At the landing point, if it happens to bump into one of the mines on the field, the penguin will be thrown again. This will repeat whenever the penguin lands on a new mine. When it finally stops, the final distance is measured, and this is your final score.

Compete with your friends and see who of you will obtain the highest score.

Have fun!