Crazy Penguin Catapult

Play Crazy Penguin Catapult game and take down all the polar bears! Launch the penguins in the air and then catapult them at the right moment!

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Welcome to Crazy Penguin Catapult game! Today you will discover how much fun you can have when you have by your side some crazy friends, ready to do anything possible to feel good.

The penguins decided to fave a great day together, and you can join them if you want. You need to help them fight the polar bears and win level after level.

How to Play

Use your mouse or the space-bar on your keyboard to control the actions that you are making. Each level has two different parts. The first part consists of catapulting all the penguins through the open space. One by one, the penguins will go down on a rope. Click on the screen when you are ready and catapult them to the second part of the level. 

Be careful not to hurt the penguins or to catapult them in the wrong direction. You will need as many penguins as you can for the second part.

Once you get there, be ready to take down the polar bears. At first, you will need to take down only two bears, but after you start passing the levels, there will be more and more polar bears.

Using the mouse or the space-bar, click after the penguins are in the air. You can take down more polar bears with one penguin. During some levels, you need to break the ice to get to them. The level ends when you run out of penguins.

Remember that the number of penguins that you get to use is the number of penguins that you catapulted previously. 

If you do not take down the number of polar bears required by the level and you do not have any more penguins, the game will be over. You can replay it anytime, but you will start on the very first level.