Penguins Attack 4

The enemies keep coming in your battlefield in Tower Defense: Penguins Attack 4 game. Place the weapons and clear the area before they find their way out!

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About Penguins Attack 4 Game

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Did you miss your lovely little penguins that keep on fighting against you? We have a great piece of news for you, then. The Penguins Attack 4 game is here to keep you extremely entertained. With an excellent range of actions and a thrilling story, we assure you that this tower defense game is the amusement you need. 

Why is that? It is because you have to protect the field from the incoming enemies. It all lies in the strategy that you uphold. So you need a lot of patience and determination. Once you begin, you will love it so much that it will be quite hard to let it go. 

Plant the towers against the enemies

You will be the one who is in charge of the field. Be careful with it. On the right lower corner, the number that you see is the enemies waiting to enter the battle. Calculate your method carefully and start planting the weapons and towers. Once they are all planted, the enemies will start coming in. Do you want to find out how to stop them? Well, let’s see together.

Defeating the enemies is not the only reward that comes in this game. With every enemy defeated, you will also receive some gold. Keep track of your gold by looking at the left lower corner. You will be able to buy new weapons and items with the gold that you’ve earned. Be careful and collect as much as you can.

On the left, the towers that you will need to place on the battlefield are at your disposal. Place them strategically so that no enemy will go pass them. Every time you place a new tower, the road of the enemies will change. But this does not have to discourage you. Just charge as many weapons as you can, and you will be safe.

Useful tips

Take good care, you’re your health. The life you have is shown in the right upper corner of the screen. Every time an enemy exits the battlefield, your life will decrease. So just make sure you destroy them all. Do not let them out of your sight and never let your guard down.  

Whenever you have some spare money, upgrade your towers to increase the speed of the attack against the penguins and the precision. The towers can also be sold or demolished. If you choose to destroy them, they will have a special effect, depending on the tower selected. 

Each of the enemies has a different level of strength. If there are enough weapons targeting them all, you should not worry. Your life will be safe and so will be your money. Be prepared and create your strategy flawlessly. Are you ready for this battle?