Play Pinguinos game to shoot and catch all the penguins on the screen. Use the ice cubes to freeze the penguins and aim for the highest score!

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About Pinguinos Game

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In Pinguinos game, you have to imagine that you are an explorer at the south pole. What could be more beautiful than the breathtaking frozen scenery and the fantastic glaciers? The playful penguins, of course! 

Back in your hometown, a new Zoo is opening soon, and they need your help getting them a few penguins. Right now, you have found them but how to catch them? Nothing easier than that!

How to Play

You have a handful of ice cubes (25 to begin with), and you have to throw them at the birds. But beware! The penguins are moving very fast, and the place you aimed at before might not be the place your penguin is at the moment. You will have to figure out how to shoot the penguins and not miss them.

Once you do this and stop the bird from walking, you have to quickly throw some more cubes to freeze it completely (5 to be more exact). The more penguins you catch, the better!

Try to freeze all the penguins on the screen at the same time. Will it be easy? No, but it can be very challenging, and only the bravest and the quickest ones will succeed.

Do your best to impress your friends and the people in your hometown when you come back with the most beautiful penguins for your Zoo. Share your victory with them and make them adore you!

Try to get better every time and improve your shooting skills as well as penguin catching skills!