Penguin Panic

Play Penguin Panic game to help the penguins get home! Use your boat to catch them and take them back to their friends! Avoid whales and other predators!

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It was a beautiful sunny day in frozen Antarctica, the small penguins were having fun, chatting with each other, and living their simple lives. Everything was fun until a tragic accident happened. Play the Penguin Panic Game to find out what seems to have ruined the Penguins’ day! 

You are a simple fisherman who has gone with his little boat across the cold waters of the South Pole. It was a typical fishing day until you saw what seemed to be a glacier that broke in half. Oh no! The iceberg was full of penguins, and half of them are now stuck on the broken piece that is floating away.

You have to do something because they are falling into the water and won’t survive long in these unfriendly territories!

How to Play

Your mission is to catch as many penguins as you can with your boat. To do this, move the ship with your mouse (you don’t have to click on it, just relocate its position) and try to catch at least 30 penguins (the more, the merrier) to advance to the next level. Did you rescue them? Awesome! 

Now you have to take them back home. Navigate through the frozen water avoiding all the killer whales and the icebergs but try to catch as many fish as you can (this is a long journey, and the penguins need food). When you reach the shore, you have finished this second level! 

Congratulate yourself but don’t lose focus because the third level is coming and now you have to face the enemies of the penguins, the seals (they might be cute but are vicious creatures). Shoot them with your tranquilizing gun and make them go away. Just move your mouse and click on it to shoot. When the time is over make sure you have at least 60 points.

You did it! You have rescued the penguins and brought them back to their sweet home. You should be a proud fisherman!