Emperors on Ice

Play the Emperors on Ice game for an epic snowball fight! Can you become the poles commander, devise a strategy, and take down all the rival penguins?

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Don't miss out on the Emperors on Ice game if you are looking for a breathtaking snowball fight! Did you know that the penguins are in a constant battle for dominance at the poles? As the ice caps are melting, they need to fight fiercely for their territory. Would you like to become a commander in this ruthless war? It's going to be challenging but fun at the same time. 

Are you ready to meet your army and your enemies? The penguins are wearing adorable hats to help you set them apart. Wait for your turn to come, then aim and shoot towards your rivals! Can you get past all the obstacles and take them down? 

How to Play

This exciting game consists of a series of missions for you to complete. Pay close attention to your superior's instructions! He will tell you about the new challenges that await you at each new level. Now and then, he'll even give you helpful tips!

Are you ready for your first throw? All you need to do is use your mouse with precision and skill! Begin by clicking anywhere on the screen, then drag to adjust the strength and trajectory of your throw. Once your turn is over, wait patiently for your opponent to make his move. It sounds quite simple, but you'll soon find that this game can be quite challenging!

Have you noticed the white dotted line? It suggests the route that your snowball will take. However, you will find that it becomes hard to estimate the angle as you progress through the game. Don't forget about the strength of your throw! Can you see the number? It suggests how powerful your throw will be.

There's more you should know! 

Are you having a hard time getting past a mission? The role of a commander in a penguin war can be very demanding! However, you can make your life easier by using a few tips.

For instance, you can click on the icon in the lower right corner of the screen. This move will help you get a better perspective of the battlefield. Now you can pick out the best strategy for your team of cute birds! 

What's up with the hats? Each penguin has special equipment that will increase their resistance to throws. Therefore, you can add to your penguin's resistance by buying new armor pieces. Access the shop and use your experience points to add style and strength to your penguin army!

Throughout your missions, you will encounter unexpected challenges. Sometimes, you will come across innocent civilians standing in the line of fire. Besides, your enemies will get smarter at every level. Have you noticed their improved armors and barricades? It's your job to surpass all of these challenges and lead your penguins to victory!

Can you face the pressure of a snowball battle?