Penguin Families

Play the Penguin Families game, and help the penguins get on the other side of the river. Pay attention at the ice, and do not let the babies alone!

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A family is the most important thing that someone can have. We all have loving families who will do anything for us. The parents of a child love him and will stay with him all the time. Did you know that the penguins have families too? You can experience how it is to be a part of this kind of family in the new Penguin Families game.

You will learn that baby penguins cannot stay too long without their parents. If this thing happens, the babies will get scared, and they will run.

How to Play

Your mission is to help the penguin families get on the other side of the lake. The tricky part comes here. The ice can support only two penguins at once. It means that you cannot carry more than a parent and a baby or two babies at once.

Click on the penguins that you want to transport first, and then on the ice to make it move. When it gets to the other side, click on one of the penguins that should stay there, and go after the other ones.

Be very careful because each family has a color. You cannot take the parents away from their kids, or they will run. Think twice before you start moving the penguins. The game ends when you move the penguins on the other side. Try to do it in the shortest time possible for a better score.

Good luck, and do not forget to have fun!