Conquer Antarctica

Play Conquer Antarctica game to take part in a war between penguins! Take your friends with you and battle together to win this combat!

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Did you ever ask yourself how a war between birds would look like? If yes, maybe this game is not what you thought. But if you didn't, now you get to experience it as a penguin! Conquer Antarctica game is not for the ones who quickly get bored!

Antarctica has been a free land until the last war between penguins. But now the red-hat penguins have to regain their territories, and they need to battle the no-hat tribe to accomplish their goal.

You are part of the red-hat tribe, and you have your buddy with you. Together you have to shoot and make the other penguins fall into the water.

How to Play

You have one gun and some ammunition (first you have just snowballs and the others come in the next stages). To shoot, you have to aim and prepare the range by moving the green rectangle and positioning it where do you think it's the best position for shooting.

When you are done, press the 'shoot' button and see what it happens. Did you hit it? If so, congrats! If not, no worries! There are still some snowballs left. All you have to do is adjust the drag rectangle again and shoot.

If you don't hit the target, the other team is more likely to miss as well. But if you hit some of the penguins, they will hit you back! So, you must be very efficient in your job.

As you pass more levels, the game gets increasingly harder, and you have to think of tactical ways to win this war. It is a challenge, after all.