Penguin Push

In Penguin Push game, you can play Sobokan with penguins! Move the ice blocks before the time runs out, and collect points in each level!

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Who does not love a game of Sokoban? Whenever you feel bored, and you want to have some fun yourself, you can play Sokoban, and for a few moments, you will do something fun, while relaxing. What if we told you there is an even better way to play it? With Penguin Push game, you have the chance to play your favorite game, but in a better version that implies penguins.

What you need to do is make sure the penguin pushes all the blocks in the yellow spaces, in the shortest time possible. You can help it do it by using the Up, Down, Left and Right arrow keys on your keyboard.

How to Play

Move the penguin on the board, making sure you do not block the blocks of ice you need to place in the special places. 

Once you finish with all the blocks, you will pass to the next level. If you move fast and you do not waste all your time, you will get bonus points, which will add to your final score.

When the time is almost over, you will hear the clock ticking fast. The moment you run out of time, you will lose the level. You can start it again from the beginning, but you will lose a life. You only have three lives, and once they are over, the game ends as well.

Make sure you place all the blocks correctly. You will not be able to move the tiles once you push them next to the walls!