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Join the adventure in Pico's School game as Pico navigates a school turned upside down by goth kids! Can you help him restore order and save his friends?

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About Pico's School Game

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In Pico's School game, what starts as a typical school day quickly changes when goth kids invade the school. The game begins in a regular classroom, where a normal lesson quickly turns into chaos. Now, Pico needs to move through a school that has become a battleground and face many unpredictable enemies with different skills.

Your job is to help Pico deal with various obstacles to keep the school safe. Pico needs to rely on his fast reactions, use any tools he finds along the way, and make crucial decisions to save the day. Each choice could mean the difference between success and failure in this high-stakes adventure.

How to Play

The game is controlled entirely with your mouse. Click on Pico to move him around the school, interact with objects, and choose who to engage or avoid. Clicking on enemies allows Pico to attack, and clicking on objects lets him pick them up or use them as needed.

After the initial classroom shootout, Pico needs to find weapons and move through the school's hallways. Every item, like a fire extinguisher or an assault rifle, might be crucial to deal with obstacles and enemies. Each part of the school has its own challenges, from deciding the fate of Cyclops to battling bosses with specific weaknesses.

Fighting in the game is simple but demands good timing and accuracy. Pico has to avoid getting hit and figure out the best moments to attack. In battles with bosses, it's important to learn and react to each enemy's attack patterns. For instance, Alucard throws objects using telekinesis, and Pico must shoot these objects in a certain sequence to break through Alucard's defenses.

What else you should know

Keep on the move and stay sharp. Noticing how bosses like Alucard attack can help you foresee their moves and get ready to defend yourself. Also, make sure to use the items you find smartly. For example, putting on night-vision goggles in dark areas can really help you gain the upper hand in battles.

Pico's School is packed with action and challenges that will test your skills and keep you engaged. Are you ready to help Pico save his school and bring everything back to normal? Jump in and show what you can do!