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🏔️ Play the Fleeing the Complex game for a thrilling adventure! Help Henry Stickmin make sneaky plans to outsmart the guards and break out from The Wall!

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About Fleeing the Complex Game

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Say hello to Fleeing the Complex game, the fifth chapter in the famous series of games about Henry Stickmin. It was made in 2015, and like the other games before, you'll be going on a thrilling journey filled with many surprises!

This time, Henry is in a big, secure prison called The Wall, which is way up in the snowy mountains of Canada. This prison is not just any prison; it's where the world's trickiest and most sneaky people are kept!

Poor Henry has been kidnapped and put in there by Dmitri Johannes Petrov, the Warden of the prison, and his helper Grigori Olyat. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to help Henry escape his cell and the whole prison too!

How to Play

Playing the game is all about making choices. You'll see some options on the screen, and you can click on one with your mouse to make a decision. Some choices might be simple, and some might be more tricky to figure out. 

Once Henry has been put in the Transfer Cell by Grigori, he meets a lady named Ellie Rose. With Grigori looking the other way, you can start to help Henry think of a plan to escape. Maybe Henry can sneak past the guards or find a hidden route out of the prison.

The game has lots of different paths and choices, so don't worry if you don't escape the first time. You can always try again and find a new way to get out of the complex.

What else you should know

Sometimes, the game will have a timer, and you'll have to pick a choice quickly before the time runs out! This makes the game really exciting because you have to think fast. And sometimes, a choice might not show up until right at the end of the timer!

And there's a handy new feature in this game, a map! This map makes it easier to see all your choices, and you can even go back and try different paths.

So, are you ready to brave the snow and help Henry Stickmin escape from 'The Wall'? Your quick thinking and smart decisions are all he needs to become a free man again! Let's get started on this chilly and thrilling adventure!

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