Lighten Up

Speed and precision are your best bet in the Lighten Up game! Can you help Jake take out Rick the Platypus and steal all his alien-attracting lights?

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About Lighten Up Game

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Participate in a classic prank in the Lighten Up game! Jake, the monkey, wants to end Rick Platypus' strange plan. Can you believe that he wants to put out lights to attract aliens? Your favorite monkey hero lurks in the bushes, waiting for the right moment to strike. Give him a helping hand in this thrilling challenge!

The game consists of 20 levels, each forcing you to be more agile and speedy. Can you collect all the lights on the screen before Rick has the chance to put out more? If so, you'll win the level and move on to the next challenge. Therefore, you must be very fast and smart to win the game!

How to Play

With such straightforward controls, you'll get the hang of this game in no time! All you have to do is left-click anywhere on the screen to move to that spot. To pick up lights, simply run over them. It's up to you to figure out the best path that can help you collect as many lights as fast as possible.

However, you should think fast! Each level offers you a limited time to gather every light on the screen. You shouldn't underestimate the platypus, as he can be extremely speedy! If you want a chance against him, you should knock him over by running into him. Now hurry up and gather lights before he wakes up!

Keep in mind that you can also fall down! If you step on one of the banana peels, you'll get knocked down and lose precious energy. If you fall too many times and the entire bar gets depleted, you will lose the game and start over.

However, you can replenish energy and get extra time on the clock by eating fruit! Look out for apples and oranges and grab them as often as possible. Yummy!

This challenge will surely make you sweat and put a smile on your face! Try your best to prove that you're more agile than the platypus! After all, Jake the monkey is a speedy monkey. Don't put him to shame!