Chaos Tag

Join in on a traditional and hectic school challenge in the Chaos Tag game! Head to the gym and compete against fierce classmates like Bull Sharkowski!

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Prove that you can outrun and outsmart your classmates in the Chaos Tag game! If you're a kid, surely you've played a game of tag at least once before. However, you haven't played against the characters from the My Gym Partner's a Monkey series. Are you ready for a wild yet thrilling game? Look no further!

The challenge is simple. All you have to do is tag all the other players to create the trademarked Chaos Tag. How many times can you do it before the time runs out? Earn more Chaos Tags than your foes to win!

How to Play

The first step of this classic challenge from the Charles Darwin Middle School is to choose your character. Do you prefer Adam or Jake? Either way, you'll have to face the hero you didn't pick, Lupe and Bull Sharkowski. Tough competition!

Once you arrive at the gym, keep moving! Press the Up, Down, Left, and Right arrow keys. If you run around, you can avoid getting tagged by one of your opponents. However, you can take the opportunity to tag them in return by pressing the Space Bar when you get close to them!

Also, you should keep an eye out for obstacles, as they'll slow you down! There are some carnivorous plants that can swallow you, as well as muddy places that will make you stick to the floor. Yikes!

Are you sure you tagged everyone? To complete a Chaos Tag, you need to touch all three foes in turn. Luckily, once you outrun one of the foes, their color will darken until you manage to tag the rest. Brilliant!

When the 100-seconds run out, you'll find out if you won the game. Naturally, the player with the most Chaos Tags is the champion. However, you should not get discouraged if you place last on your first try! You can stay in the gym for as long as you like, practicing to become a legend of tag in the Charles Darwin Middle School!