Hall of the Wild

Explore Charles Darwin Middle School in the Hall of the Wild game! Can you help Adam and Jake recover the lunchboxes scattered all over the school?

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About Hall of the Wild Game

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Play the Hall of the Wild game if you want to go on an adventure in the Charles Darwin Middle School! Principle Pixiefrog has a big announcement to make. He needs volunteers to find everybody's lunch boxes, as a prankster has hidden them all over the school. Luckily, Adam and Jake offered to solve the situation. Can you give them a much-needed helping hand?

In this challenge, you can explore a different school area in each level, like the cafeteria or the hallway. It's an exciting way to visit the entire school and experience all of its thrilling secrets. Look around for the lunch boxes while racing toward the exit! Once you find it, you can move on to the next area. Amazing!

How to Play

To start running around the school, use the Left and Right arrow keys. Make Adam crawl and roll by pressing the Down Arrow while moving. If you want to jump, simply press the Space Bar! However, these aren't the only moves you'll need to get around this jungle of a school.

Use all the elements in the environment to your advantage! Hang on vines, use the tires to get around, and jump on other students to get across the school. In some areas, you can only get across with the help of Jake, your favorite monkey friend. 

Nevertheless, some of your mates won't be careful. Stay away from Bull Sharkowsky if you don't want to lose precious health points! You should also avoid other dangers, such as fires and murky waters. They'll hurt Adam and slow you down in your quest!

What else you should know

Life in Charles Darwin Middle School can be wild! Make sure you ask your colleagues for help. Besides, you'll also come across some helpful powerups that will make your life easier. For instance, the Jungle Boy costume will grant you temporary invincibility.

The more lunchboxes you collect, the better your score will be. Did you know that not all of them are worth the same? The yellow ones will earn you ten times as much as the red ones. What a difference!

Only a pro can manage to find the exit in such a wild school! However, with a bit of agility and some practice, you'll have a lot of fun jumping around in Charles Darwin Middle School!

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