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Townsville is getting attacked again in the Smashing Bots game! Join the Powerpuff Girls and help them defeat Mojo Jojo's evil robots to protect the city!

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The city of Townsville is yet again in danger in the Smashing Bots game! It seems like Mojo Jojo has a new plan to destroy peace in the city. He released his evil robots into the streets, and now the Powerpuff Girls must defeat them!

Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup need your help to defend their hometown and put the villain's plan to an end! Your job here is to guide them as they fly towards their targets and destroy all the robots. You should act fast, making sure to defeat all the enemies, and avoiding any obstacles in your way! Do you have what it takes to defend Townsville?

How to Play

What you have to do is use your cursor and guide the girls to their target. Once they get close, you should click the left mouse button, and the evil robot will get attacked. In the later levels, you will also be able to right-click and make a more powerful coordinated attack, so keep that in mind!

Your enemies will be marked with an exclamation mark, so watch out for those. Sometimes, if you have multiple targets close to each other, you will be able to defeat two simultaneously. Just make sure to aim your hit by holding the left click and then release it into a powerful attack!

Sometimes you might encounter obstacles along the way. Make sure not to bump into them, because they will explode, and the danger meter will rise. If that happens, you will need to restart the level.

There are ten stages in total, and for each one, you can gain a maximum of three stars. Do your best and stay focused, because each level comes with its' challenge, and the robots get stronger as you progress!

The Powerpuff Girls need your help! Join them and protect the city of Townsville!