Panic in Townsville

Play Panic in Townsville
Play Panic in Townsville

About Panic in Townsville Game

The Townsville is in grave danger in the Panic in Townsville Game. It is being attacked by a lot of meteorites, ice balls, and villains as well. It is the Powerpuff Girls' duty to protect it from all of the calamities that threaten this wonderful city. Do you have what it takes to guide them and help them defend Townsville?

It is so difficult for the Powerpuff Girls to act fast and eliminate every single danger that threatens their city. Only with your help could they restore the peace and make Townsville quiet and friendly again. It will not be easy, because every villain has put his mind in planning the Townsville's destruction, but you will be able to do anything. Just be focused and ready to attack. The only tool that you will need to use is your mouse. Click the left button of the mouse and drag it towards the direction that the girls need to follow. Your path will be guided by a few arrows. The big red ones mean that a meteorite is extremely close to the city. The smaller and orange ones indicate a meteorite that is further away but approaches quickly. And last, but not least, the blue arrows indicate an ice ball.

How to neutralize the threats

Once the girls arrive at the object or villain, they will need to kick and fight with every power they have, so that they can defeat it. To destroy them fast, you will have to click on the left button of the mouse as many times and as quickly as possible. Do not let them get close to the city. If one of them hits it, you will lose one of the three lives that you have. You might also have to defuse some bombs by recognizing whether an image displays a good or a bad thing. Doing this fast will save the city and protect all of the citizens from the dangerous attacks.

So come and be the hero of the story. Destroy the meteorites, the ice balls, defeat all of the villains and protect the city. We are sure that the Townsville is in extremely capable hands.

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