Unordinary Week

The city is being threatened by some evil robots in the Unordinary Week Game. Fight them and help the Powerpuff Girls go through the week safely!

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About Unordinary Week Game

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The Powerpuff girls want to begin their week graciously in the Unordinary Week game. But something is wrong in the Townsville. The city is being attacked by all sorts of evil robots. The three unordinary girls have to fight them all and restore the peace immediately! Do you think you could help them achieve that?
This is no ordinary week for Townsville, and many dangers are waiting around the corner. Only you could help the Powerpuff Girls defeat the evil forces that want to destroy the city. But how, specifically? Let's see!

How to Play

You start off on Monday. Firstly, select the Powerpuff girl that will help you go through this day safely. Then begin the fight against the robots that you might encounter throughout the day.

The commands that will help you defeat all of the robots are easy to use. Click the left button of your mouse to use the shield and protect yourself. The right button is used to attack.

Pay attention and know which one is required in the fight. You will be noticed by the squares at the bottom of the screen, so just be aware of them and not forget to look at them from time to time. 

What else you should know

For every robot that you hit correctly, your strength will increase. This can be seen in the strength bar, at the top of the screen. At the same time, you should protect yourself and be careful. Do not let your Powerpuff girl get hit by a robot. Her life will decrease, and you might have to start the day again if she loses her life entirely.

As you begin the new day, you get to change the girl that has to protect the city. So give your first girl rest and alternate them so you can go through the week and save the town from the evil robots. 

Be the hero of the week. Save the Townsville from the evil forces that want to conquer it. The Powerpuff Girls are strong, but they need your help urgently. So show them that they can count on you and defeat all of the robots that attack their city.