Hypno Bliss

Gnat is trying to get revenge on The Powerpuff Girls in the Hypno Bliss game! Reach the end of the labyrinth and defeat the villain so you can free Bliss!

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About Hypno Bliss Game

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Stop The Gnat from getting his revenge on The Powerpuff Girls in the Hypno Bliss game! It seems like the villain has hypnotized Bliss, your favorite heroes' sister! Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup aren't able to defeat Gnat and his minions alone, so they need your help. Do you have what it takes to assist the three and save Bliss?

In this challenge, you will need to play as one of the Powerpuff Girls and reach the end of a huge labyrinth. On the way there, you will encounter enemies and obstacles, which you will have to overcome. Guide your chosen hero around Bird Poop Island and free Bliss!

How to Play

Before you start your adventure, you should understand the controls. You can help your girl fly and move around by using the arrow keys on your keyboard. Pressing the Up key twice will make your chosen hero start flying. Doing the same with the Left or Right arrow key will make her rush towards that direction.

You will often come across helpful tools, such as keys or weapons, around the labyrinth. Press the Spacebar to pick or drop them up, or use the X key to attack your enemies.

Don't forget to gain as many stars as you can during each level! The closer you are to the number shown on the screen, the higher your score will be, earning you a gold or silver medal for that stage!

There are 21 levels in total. If you manage to reach the last one, you will get to fight The Gnat himself and free Bliss from her hypnosis. 

The Powerpuff Girls need your help, so what are you waiting for? Stop The Gnat and reach the end of the labyrinth to save the girls' sister!