Mojo Mayhem

Mojo Jojo is wreaking havoc in Townsville in the Mojo Mayhem game! Help the Powerpuff Girls stop him and protect the heroes from the junk thrown at them!

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About Mojo Mayhem Game

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Mojo Jojo is yet again wreaking havoc in Townsville in the Mojo Mayhem game! It seems like evil never stops in this city, and your help is needed. The Powerpuff Girls have to stop the villain, and fast! Put an end to the monkey's evil plan and protect Townsville!

Your job here is to play as Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup and guide them to Mojo Jojo. The villain keeps throwing junk at them, so you need to avoid the objects and keep going. Guide the girls as they fly and help them defeat the evil monkey!

How to Play

The controls are simple, but you should try to aim for the right timing! All you have to do is use your mouse and click on the screen. If you click and hold in the middle, the heroes will split up, avoiding the junk thrown at them. If you do the same, but on the upper or lower parts of the screen, the Powerpuff Girls will move to the top or bottom lane.

You need to react quickly and dodge the obstacles because you only have three lives! Every object you hit will remove one heart, so you should try to pay attention to the screen. 

Sometimes you will also be getting little boosts thrown at you. Watch out, because you will need to act fast to catch them!

Your goal here is to last as long as possible without using up your three lives. Look at the Speed Meter, because that's how you know when you'll reach the villain! Even if you fought Mojo Jojo once, he would show up again! Keep being careful and aim for a high score!

Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup need your help to protect the city! Keep them safe and help defeat the evil monkey!