Mech Mayhem

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Play Mech Mayhem

About Mech Mayhem Game

The evil Princess Morbucks has rechallenged the Powerpuff Girls. She said that they are too little to fight. So she will be expecting them after school in the Mech Mayhem Game. You are the only one that can help the Powerpuff Girls prove to the Princess Morbucks that they are not too little. Show her that they are actually hardcore.

The three superheroes will face the evil and peculiar Princess Morbucks on a battlefield after school, to show her how powerful they actually are. But they are not able to do this alone. They need your help right now. The Princess Morbucks has gathered all of her robots.

How to play

There are three types of robots: some are made out of bronze, some are from silver and others are from gold. Each one more expensive than the other, each one stronger than the one before. But the Powerpuff Girls can defeat each and every one of them, with you by their side. All you need to do is to click on Princess Morbucks’ robots as soon as they get closer to the Powerpuff Girls. Be careful not to click too soon, though. Your hit will not be efficient that way.

Also, make sure not to hit the robots too late, either. Because they will get the time to hit the girls and this will decrease your health. The health bar is shown in the upper left corner of the screen. Do not let it reach the zero point, because you will lose the game and you will have to restart. Be quick, act fast and pay attention to the attacks. Destroy all of the robots and show the evil Princess that she has got nothing that can defeat the Powerpuff Girls.

So come and play this entertaining game. Be the hero and show the Princess Morbucks that the Powerpuff Girls are not too little to fight her evil robots.

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