Robot Madness

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Play Robot Madness

About Robot Madness Game

The Princess Morbucks' biggest dream is to become one of the Powerpuff Girls. This is why she wants to prove that she can become one of them by attacking the three girls in the Robot Madness Game. You need to come to the rescue. Teach her a lesson and let her know once and for all, that she will never be able to become a Powerpuff Girl.

Princess Morbucks has never understood the fact that it is not the money that makes the Powerpuff Girls what they are now. It is the kindness, the will to save the people, their gentle and modest hearts. The evil tiny Princess Morbucks has none of the above. Yet she still wants to be a Powerpuff Girl. Or more specifically: the only Powerpuff Girl. This is why she decided to challenge the girls to a fight. And her weapon this time is her new half-unbirthday gift that she recently received: a flying robot.

How to play the game

Here is where you come to help. Begin the game by selecting the Powerpuff Girl that you want to face Princess Morbucks and her evil robot. Help the lovely girl that you have chosen to fly and move around with the help of the mouse. To attack the robot that the Princess is driving just click on the left button of the mouse. Make sure to avoid the laser attacks of the robot, though. Because if you get hit by them, you will have to restart the level.

You will see the health of the Princess listed in a health bar on the upper right corner of the screen. Make it go all the way towards the zero point to defeat the evil robot. Hold the button if you want to attack continuously, but follow the Princess, because she will also move up or down if she feels threatened by your attacks. As you progress through the levels, the robot will get new updates. Like this, it will become stronger and stronger. But do not be afraid, you have got what it takes to defeat it!

Begin the journey and show Princess Morbucks once again that she does not belong amongst the Powerpuff Girls.

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