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About Trail Blazer Game

Mojo Jojo has come up with another evil plan to destroy the beautiful city of Townsville in the Trail Blazer Game. The Powerpuff Girls need to stop him right now before it is too late. But they are not able to do this alone. Do you have what it takes to help the girls and save the city from Mojo Jojo’s attack?

Start your quest and go after Mojo Jojo. Stop him from fulfilling his evil plan and do not let him destroy the Townsville. In this game, the Powerpuff Girls are flying in formation towards Mojo Jojo’s house. They need to get there as fast as they can. But Mojo Jojo has placed some random flying objects throughout the city. In order to get to the destination in time, the girls will have to avoid bumping into those objects.

So all you need to do to help them is to click on the screen to change the formation of the girls and avoid the flying objects that come towards them. After the girls are done avoiding the objects, click on the screen again to make them regain their formation and fly further towards Mojo Jojo’s place.

Do not forget to collect all of the hearts that you might encounter, to gain extra points. Make sure you do not bump into the objects, because you will lose the game and you will need to start again.

So come and join the Powerpuff Girls in their adventure. Defend the city and stop Mojo Jojo from accomplishing his plans.

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