Ha Ha Hairies: Storybook

Your Hairyland friends have a new tale to tell in the Ha Ha Hairies: Storybook game! Listen to the story and get ready to grow your own vegetable patch!

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About Ha Ha Hairies: Storybook Game

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Let's go on a journey to Hairyland in the Ha Ha Hairies: Storybook game! If you're a fan of the happy-go-lucky Hairy family, you're in luck because they have a new tale to tell you. Are you ready to learn all about gardening together with your friends? If so, listen to their story and get prepared to plant your own crops!

It's time to open the storybook! Can you find The Hairy Fairies hiding through the pages and finish the tale? Remember to pay close attention and keep your volume up because you wouldn't want to miss any details! Your friends will also share some of the hairy seeds with you, so you can have a garden and grow vegetables together!

How to Play

You won't need to waste any time flipping the pages! To keep listening to the story, all you have to do is click on the arrows with your mouse. Just make sure not to go too fast, or you might miss important details! Once you're ready to get to work, tap on the seeds and drag them toward the plot to start planting!

The Ha Ha Hairies have prepared three mini-games for you to try:

- Story Book: Listen to the tale and help Boris complete the story by clicking on the right items.

- Spot the Fairies: Flip through the pages and find the Ha Ha Hairies hiding among them.

- Hairy Veg: Plant the hairy seeds and grow your own vegetable patch.

Aren't you excited to learn more about how Boris grew his impressive Mean Hairy Bean? The secret of the hairy veggies is hidden among the pages. Pay close attention to the story, and start working on your garden! 

What else you should know

The first step to a brilliant vegetable patch is planting the seeds. If you use different ones, you can get a variety of hairy veggies and make the Ha Ha Hairies proud! Just remember that they need plenty of water to grow, so just grab your trusty watering can and get to work!

Luckily you can plant the seeds anywhere you want! If the garden becomes too crowded, you can use the shovel to dig up the vegetables and make more room. After that, you can put in even more seeds and see what plants appear! This way you surely won't get bored!

Well, aren't you excited to read the tale? Join The Ha Ha Hairies and learn all about growing your own plants together!