Rainbow Rage

Keep the Doomlords at bay in the Unikitty: Rainbow Rage game. Make swaps on the board to create groups of symbols and send your friends out to attack!

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You have to watch it out because the Doomlords are attacking in the Unikitty: Rainbow Rage game. Alone, the cute fluffy pets stand no chance. But, if they unite in a strong attempt to take down these nasty villains, they will succeed! But who is to take leadership over the combat forces other than you? You should definitely join their side!

Every battle needs a strategy. You have to think beforehand where to strike and what will be the consequences of your move. The same principles apply now. You should aim to clear up as many squares on the board as you can. To do that, you have to pair the symbols together. Once there are at least three of them, they will magically disappear!

How to Play

Even though in a war or a fight, you usually need lots of tools and ammunition, here you will only need your mouse. As a great strategist, you will get to decide where to move the pieces. The better thought out the swaps will be, the more damage you will cause. You could even think ahead a few moves! That way, you can maximize your chances!

To make the groups of symbols, you only have to click on the object you want to move. Then, you should drag it in the position you intend it to be. There are some limitations, though, when it comes to the places you can go to. There cannot be any swap on a diagonal. Even though that could have been helpful, the game would become too easy that way. Where would the challenge be?

Last but not list, you should not forget about the special attacks. Below the swapping battlefield, there are some buttons for the attacks. When pressed, one of your friends will come to give you a hand. Fighting off the bad guys is always better with somebody by your side. As you play, you will unlock other friendly helpers who will teach the Doomlords a lesson!

Good luck keeping these awful guys at bay! Remember to think before each move to make the best out of it!