The Legendary Trials

Craig, Kelsey, and JP came up with a new plan in The Legendary Trials game! Win all the challenges and complete the trials to become Legends of the Creek!

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About The Legendary Trials Game

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Craig, Kelsey, and JP are starting a new mission in The Legendary Trials game! The three have a brand-new plan this time: to become Legends of the Creek. To gain the title, the kids have to go through a series of trials, which only the strongest will win! Help them reach their goal and become winners!

You have to help your friends finish this challenge! Play as the three kids and take them through a long list of missions! Explore the creek, meet other characters, and accept their trials! There will be many people trying to get in your way and creating obstacles for you. Do you have what it takes to win?

How to Play

To walk around the area and explore the creek, you should use the Arrow keys on your keyboard and guide your character. If you are next to an object, pressing the Space bar will make you hit it. If you hold it while you are next to a person, you will talk to them. During Kelsey's trial, you can also Left-click on your mouse to aim at your target.

Try to explore as much of the map as possible because you will find helpful power-ups that will aid you in your mission! You can only have one at a time, so go and start your challenge after picking it up!

There are three kinds of trials, each one having ten levels. Craig has to win a puzzle-style game where he has to rearrange pieces of a sewer. JP has to play a colorful game of paintball, avoiding the balloons aimed at him! For Kelsey's challenge, you have to help her shoot shurikens at the targets without damaging other objects.

Your friends need your help! Complete all the missions and become Legends of the Creek!