The Happos Family: Stunt Happo

Play The Happos Family: Stunt Happo game to launch one of the hippos through a cannon! See how far you can get while bouncing on various items!

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Have you ever wondered how much work goes into performing a stunt? If so, play The Happos Family: Stunt Happo game to learn how to pull off a perfect and spectacular trick! However, don't forget to put on a helmet as this is a dangerous job!

Your job is to launch one of the Happos through a cannon and get them as far as possible! Doesn't it sound exciting? If so, let's get your stunt suit on and meet the family! Everyone is excited about how your stunt will play out!

How to Play

A cannon is not that hard to use, but your stunt might get ruined with one wrong move. Wait for the Happo to get into the machine, then use your mouse to aim. Move it up and down until you have it in the perfect position, and press the Left Click to launch. Pretty easy so far, right?

The tricky part comes when the Happo is in the air. He might be flying for a while if you did a great job aiming. Otherwise, he will hit the ground without going too far. However, you might get lucky and land on some items that will launch you a bit further, like a trampoline, drum, and many more!

If you don't hit any handy items, you still have one option to keep flying! You might get lucky and grab a lot of points for your power-up. It looks like a target, and when the meter is full, you can use it as a launch as strong as the cannons! Try to do whatever you can to cover as much ground as possible and have a successful stunt!

Are you ready to enter the exciting life of The Happos Family and try one of their stunts? The more you wait, the crowd will grow impatient, so don't waste any more time and get started!