The Fungies: Spelungies

Play The Fungies: Spelungies game for a prehistoric adventure in the mysterious underworld of Fungietown! Can you help Seth to collect all of the relics?

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About The Fungies: Spelungies Game

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You shouldn't miss The Fungies: Spelungies game if you're a fan of prehistoric adventures. This time, you get to join Seth, a curious 10-year-old Fungie kid with a passion for science, on his amazing quest for fossils and diamonds!

Get ready to go underground – all in the name of science – in the sand caves that lay beneath Fungietown, and prepare yourself for the adventure of a lifetime! Not only will you get to see and collect the finest relics out there, but you will also learn how to avoid any threat or danger that may come your way! Do you think you have what it takes? 

How to Play

The gameplay is pretty simple and easy to follow. You only need to use the navigation keys: Back, Forward, and Down arrows. To start digging and reach your friends at the bottom of the cave, you have to press the Down arrow key. To go left or right, just use the corresponding keys.

The point of the game is to gather as many fossils as possible to pass onto the next level. The more bones and pieces of broken shells you manage to collect, the more stars you will receive!

An important part of the game is the direction you decide to dig in, both in the beginning and further down the road. You must pay attention to not leaving any fossil or diamond. The game wouldn't allow you to jump or move up. So if you go below one of the fossils by accident, you will not be able to return to it. That's why you should try to plan your moves beforehand.

Pay attention to the obstacles!

You also have to be careful not to get crushed by one of the boulders that lay underneath the surface. Once you dig the ground beneath them, it will take only a few seconds before they fall into the now empty space below them. If you don't move quickly out of their way, they will fall on top of you, forcing you to start over.

The good part is that some rocks can be used to your advantage. If you are cautious enough, you can push them around and use them for advancing in the game.

From a certain level on, you will face other numerous obstacles that will try to stop you in your tracks. Sometimes you will have to avoid awful crawling creatures or manage to find ways around powerful toxic gases.

What else you should know

Each time you level up, the surface you have to dig until you reach your friends at the bottom gets bigger and bigger. As a result, the digging itself gets trickier. The creatures get more aggressive, and the boulders multiply. Make sure to find your way around them and not leave any fossil behind!

Moreover, the caves are littered with keys, and you must collect all of them. If you have to choose between a pretty relic and a key, make sure to select the key; without them, you will not be able to advance any further. They open doors to the deeper parts of the cave where your friends are waiting for you.

Will you be able to make your way through the sand and help Seth collect his precious relics? There is only one way to find out!