Diamondhead Shoot

Help Ben 10 eliminate the robots and finish his mission in the Diamondhead Shoot game! Aim and shoot as many robots as possible before time runs out!

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About Diamondhead Shoot Game

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Another mission has gotten Ben into trouble in the Diamondhead Shoot game. This time, he is trapped in a warehouse and is surrounded by a bunch of deadly robots which want nothing but to eliminate him. However, he can turn into the strong Diamondhead and destroy them with his sharp crystals, so the hope isn't lost! Will you lend your help to Ben?

Your role is to shoot as many robots as possible as Diamondhead before the time runs out! With focus and determination, you'll be able to stop the enemies in their tracks and obtain a great score. You can impress everyone with your aiming skills and make it out unharmed!

How to Play

You'll need to use your mouse to eliminate the evil robots. First, aim by moving your cursor from side to side. The enemies will come from the top of your screen and gather towards the middle. Then, you can click and shoot to destroy them one by one.

For each robot you eliminate, you'll receive ten points. The more you destroy, the higher your score by the end of your mission. At the same time, try to prevent the robots from running into you. Each time an enemy bumps into you, you'll lose ten points, so avoid it at all costs!

You must also pay attention to the timer in the top left corner of your screen. Unfortunately, you only have a limited time to eliminate all your enemies and obtain a high score. When the seconds run out, it'll be game over. You can try to beat your own score by starting another round.

Are you ready to show off your aiming skills and finish the mission successfully? Only a hero can make it out alive!