Chowder: Kitchen Tricks

Practice your culinary skills with Chowder in the Kitchen Tricks game! Aren't you excited to learn how to cook some of Mung Daal's most famous recipes?

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Learn how to master Mung Daal's favorite recipes with Chowder in the Kitchen Tricks game! Everybody knows that Chowder loves food. However, can he also cook the delicious dishes he loves to eat so much? Under the watchful instruction of his cooking master, Chowder will have to follow all the steps to get a delicious result. Would you like to join them as they cook the signature dishes in Mung Daal's diner?

The game consists of a series of levels, each asking Chowder to complete a dish from start to finish. Aren't you excited to cook some banana pie, salty salad, or sugar pizza?

After preparing and mixing up all the ingredients, you even get to cook it in the cauldron. Give the purple apprentice chef a hand as he gains the skills needed to become a master in the kitchen!

How to Play

Even if you're a disaster in the kitchen, you can still help Chowder accomplish his mission. With clear instructions from master chef Mung Daal, cooking is easy and fun.

Besides, the silly dishes are fun to make! All you have to do is use your cursor to follow the yellow arrows that appear on the screen. Just click and drag from start to end to perform any task!

As is the case with cooking in real life, you have to perform a wide range of tasks to complete a dish. Each vegetable or fruit used can be cut by using a specific movement. The same goes for kneading dough or assembling a pie. Try your best to get used to all these movements! The faster and more precisely you move, the better your score will be for each move.

There's more you should know!

Keep a close eye on the progress meter on the left side of the screen. As you move through the steps of preparing a dish, the meter will go up. Can you reach the red mark before the time runs out? If not, you'll have to keep practicing the same dish. On the other hand, if you finish the food with time to spare, you'll get bonus points!

Speaking of bonuses, you can add to your score after dishes that are served hot. Blow air on the fire to heat up the cauldron and get to the perfect temperature to cook each dish. If you manage to do so before the time runs out, you can get tons of extra points!

Even if you haven't got any experience in the kitchen, you'll have a ton of fun with Chowder and Mung Daal! Practice your speed and precision while cooking and earning points in the best kitchen of Marzipan City!