Escape Fury

Help Ben 10 escape the enemy ship and defeat Vilgax's army in the Escape Fury game! Can you use the alien powers to survive the waves of enemies?

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About Escape Fury Game

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Ben 10 must protect the Omnitrix from the bounty hunters and Vilgax in the Escape Fury game! The evil warlord has sent his loyal helpers, Tetrax, Sixsix, and Kraab, to retrieve the Omnitrix from Ben. Unfortunately, they captured him, and now he must fight to get out of the enemy ship! Will you join him in this adventure?

Your job in this game is to help Ben fight off the waves of monsters and defeat Vilgax and his gang of bounty hunters. If you wisely use Ben's transformations, you'll claim victory against any enemy in no time! It's time to escape!

How to Play

You will need your keyboard to fight the waves of enemies. Here are your controls and how to use them:

 - Left Click: Interact with Omnitrix and other objects.

 - Arrow Keys: Move around the map.

 - Spacebar: Attack.

 - Z: Transform into a hero.

 - X/C: Use special abilities.

 - V: Upgrade attack.

You must try and survive the waves of dangerous enemies that come your way by transforming into Ben's versatile aliens. However, remember that the Omnitrix's powers are limited and have a cooldown, so whenever you're stuck in human form, your best option is to avoid and dodge all the attacks.

After defeating some enemy hordes, you'll have to fight one of the bounty hunters or Vilgax himself. They are tough, so use your skills and abilities to your advantage and defeat them before they can get to you.

There are power-ups you can collect throughout your fights, which will boost your stats and help you defeat enemies more easily. One power-up can increase your attack power, while another will replenish your health or offer extra XP.

What else you should know

When you fight and defeat the enemy waves, you gain Experience Points. You can use those to upgrade your abilities and become a stronger opponent against your foes.

With each alien he transforms into, Ben can summon specific attacks. For example, Heatblast can throw a Fire Blast or release a Heat Wave to melt all enemies. On the other hand, Diamondhead can defend himself with the Shield or slash the evil army with his Slice and Dice attack!

Are you ready to help Ben defeat the evil forces and return home unharmed? Nothing can stand in your way!