Rig-A Bridge

Any aspiring engineer will enjoy the Rig-A Bridge game! Can you believe that you will be joined by Tom and Jerry, the legends of the animation industry?

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With the Rig-A Bridge game, your puzzle-solving skills will surely be put to the test! What is more, you will be in the company of two iconic animated characters: Tom and Jerry. Still not convinced? Just give this exciting game a try, and you'll be hooked before you know it!

I'm sure you are no stranger to the seemingly eternal conflict between the small brown mouse and the grumpy silver tomcat. This time, Tom is casually napping on the kitchen floor, as he does almost every afternoon. 

Guess who is feeling a little peckish? That's right, I am talking about Jerry. He needs to navigate the kitchen wisely to collect his cheesy reward. Just one false move will make you fall on the floor, straight into Tom's claws! Can you lend this loveable character a helping hand?

I hope you are a skilled bridge builder!

How can Jerry move from one corner of the kitchen to another without waking up his rival? By building bridges, of course! This game has 25 exciting levels in store for you. Your goal in every one of them is to surpass all obstacles and collect precious and delicious cheese. Sounds like a piece of cake, right?

Well, you should think again! The controls in themselves are very intuitive and fun to use. To start building, choose one of the materials available. Now click on an anchor point and drag the item wherever you want.

It will stretch and change position with just a few moves of the cursor. A new anchor point will be automatically created after you make your move. Isn't that neat?

Now let's get into the tricky part! Just like in real life, there are certain limits to any construction material you use. For example, make sure you don't stretch out match sticks too far. Any item that you have misused will turn red. How do you get rid of such errors? Just erase them using the button at the top right corner.

Cheese is more valuable than you can imagine!

Are you done building your glorious structure? Whatever you do, don't get ahead of yourself! Just like any real-life bridge, this construction needs to be tested before anyone steps on it. Press the test buttons to see if everything holds up! Has everything gone well? Then let Jerry walk across and retrieve his delicious reward.

Do you find that you are stuck? Luckily, the help button is one of the coolest features of this game. You can click it at any time, then hover your mouse over any item on the game board. You can read helpful information about any building material or element while in this mode! Isn't that neat?

However, you will soon find that you will encounter failure quite often with this game. This is where all the cheese comes in! You collect valuable snacks every time you complete a level.

However, you lose a few pieces every time you fall on the floor and encounter the menacing Tom. Remember that whenever you run out of cheese, the game is over!

Are you ready for the final score? The faster you are and the more cheese you collect, the better! Are you prepared to lend everybody's favorite brown mouse a much-needed helping hand?