Holiday Havoc

Jerry needs your help to save Christmas in the Holiday Havoc game! Run away from Tom, collect all the presents, and do your best to avoid getting caught!

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About Holiday Havoc Game

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If you're a fan of Tom & Jerry, you have to try the Holiday Havoc game! The rivalry between the small brown mouse and the grey cat is a famous one, and you must be familiar with it! This time, it's Christmas Eve, and Jerry must protect the presents! Will you help him escape Tom and gather all the gifts?

This is an action game in which your aim is very straightforward: participate in a holiday chase around the house, and end up victorious! You have to collect all the presents you see while running away from the evil cat! Escape danger, avoid the obstacles, and see how long you can keep running before Tom catches you! 

How to Play

To begin taking part in the chase and get moving, you have to click and hold the left mouse button on Jerry. After that, you can move him anywhere you want him to be! Make use of the space and avoid your enemy at all costs! 

To earn a high score, you should make sure to go around the room and collect all the festive items, like Christmas presents, lollipops, and others. As you keep picking them up, you will fill up a bonus meter, and a gift will light up on the screen! If you press the Space bar when it shows up, you might just finish the current level quicker! 

Your lives are represented by cheese pieces, and you only get three of them! You should avoid making mistakes because every time you hit an obstacle, you lose some health! If you lose all three of the cheese slices, you will need to restart the game! Sometimes they might appear as you play and give you a chance to replenish your life, so you must pay attention to the screen!

The game might sound simple, but the more you progress through the levels, the more difficult it will get! You will keep seeing all sorts of obstacles, from objects to moving characters. Do your best to avoid them all, and don't get caught!

Will you lend Jerry a hand and let him escape Tom's evil tricks? Run away from the cat and collect all the presents in this fun Christmas adventure!