Chasing Jerry

See who will get the mouse first in the Chasing Jerry game. Enter into tap-offs with your opponent to decide who is the one to advance to the next tile!

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About Chasing Jerry Game

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Tom and Butch are once again at each other's throats in the Chasing Jerry game. These two cats seem to never get on with each other. Arguments always arise from the smallest misunderstandings! You are Tom's only hope to get ahead of the alley cat for once!

In this game, they are fighting over who is to catch Jerry. For that purpose, they put up a whole new game! The aim of it is to be the first to step onto the last tile. But there is a long journey ahead! Some of the steps hide traps and challenges for you. You will certainly need some luck this time!

How to Play

Whether you are playing this game alone or with a friend, you will need nothing more than your keyboard. Depending on that choice, you will either use the Space Bar if playing alone or the keys A and L in two players. 

The game begins with a challenge. You will have to compete for the advantage of being the one to start. So you must prepare yourself! The confrontation consists of a good old hand to hand fight. To win, you have to press your key as fast as possible! The person who manages to push enough to move the bar in his favor wins!

Further on, the winner gets to spin the wheel first! The machine will stop spinning on a random number, and that will be the number of tiles you can advance. Hopefully, you will be lucky enough to get only the high numbers!

If you are running out of luck, you might end up sitting on a Mini-Game Tile. Provided that it happens, you will have to go through another tap off as you did in the beginning. If you manage, though, to get past this trap, you can advance up to two more tiles! If not, you will have to back off.

What else you should know

There is also the possibility that you even end up in the same spot as your opponent! That could be great fun because a contest between you to will begin. The player that out-taps the other will win and will keep their position. Unfortunately for the other, the loser has to step back.

The most unfortunate tiles, though, are the red ones. These give you no chance to prove your abilities. They force you to move back one tile, whether you like it or not. Let's hope that you'll avoid them.

With a little bit of luck, you can be a master of this game and win on all the levels! Butch will not stand a change in a tap-off with you!