River Recycle

Are you ready to learn all about recycling in the River Recycle game? Join Tom and Jerry, pick up the junk, and clean up the water to save the fish!

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Recycling is a great way to save our planet, and Tom and Jerry are ready to teach you all about it in the River Recycle game! The cute duo was heading off to the park when they noticed how dirty the place was. Can you help them use their grabber machine to clean up all the junk? Just hurry up because the wacky cat and mouse don't have much time!

Junk should not belong in a river, and your furry friends are ready to stop the pollution! Can you take out all the trash until only the fish are left? Your mission might seem like a piece of cake, but fishing out every item won't be so easy. If you're ready, use the grabber and make the water a bit cleaner!

How to Play

The rules of this mission are quite simple, and you only need a mouse for playing. The claw will keep swinging left and right. Just click on it to bring it down into the water and aim for one of the objects. You don't have much time, so you have to hurry up!

Your main goal is to collect enough trash and recycle it to keep the river clean. However, you will notice that your target is not measured in the number of objects but in kilograms. This is why you must aim for the heavy trash first, then pick up smaller items afterward. Just make sure not to grab any fish, sticks, or stones!

Don't waste any time because you are playing against the clock! You will start off the levels with only 30 seconds before the challenge is over. However, you can extend the mission a little longer by picking up the watch-shaped power-ups. Just keep an eye out for the items, then dive through the water using the claw to collect them!

What else you should know

After you finish each stage, you can recycle the junk and make power-ups to help you throughout the challenge. The fish food can distract the creatures for a while, and the scissors will cut through the weeds to make your job easier.

Also, if you need some extra energy, just grab some batteries, and you'll immediately gain a power boost. Remember to recycle wisely, or you might run out of certain items!

Well, are you ready to join Tom and Jerry? Head off to the river together and grab all the junk in sight! There's no better way to learn about recycling than this!