TJ Smashing

Stop Jerry from ruining everything in the TJ Smashing game. Move Tom around and catch the plates before they hit the ground. Can you catch them all?

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Jerry has gone bananas in the TJ Smashing game! Right when Tom thought he could handle the situation by himself, our naughty mouse has decided to turn everything upside down and totally out of control. He seems to always find the worst moments to make some mischief.

Poor Tom was trying to impress his kitty crush when Jerry started to throw all the dishes off the shelves. It's raining plates in the kitchen, and nobody but you can stop that from happening! Too much noise will surely make Spike, the unfriendly dog, really curious about what's going on in his absence. 

The only way in which Tom can save the day is by catching all the dishes, but that's next to impossible if he doesn't get you to help. Jerry is moving unimaginably fast for a mouse with short legs, and he won't stop until everything is smashed into pieces.

How to Play!

Use your mouse to move Tom around the kitchen. This way, he will go fast enough to catch them as they fall, and, with a little bit of luck, nothing will hit the ground. Stack them on top of each other as many as you can.

As you are collecting stuff, they will stack on top of each other, and it will be too high to put anything on top anymore. If you feel like the bundle you have gathered is becoming too tall, you can call Toodles to help. Click anytime you think she should pick the plates you are holding. She will take everything, and your hands will be free again. 

The more dishes you gather, the more bonus points you will gain! But don't grow too overzealous! If you are striving to catch everything, it will become more challenging to do that if your pile is too big. Miss too many plates, and you'll have to deal with Spike!

Good luck saving the day and impressing Toodles!