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Play Tom and Jerry: Backyard Battle | NuMuKi

About Backyard Battle Game

Tom and Jerry are fighting again in the Backyard Battle game! It all started when Tom wouldn't allow Jerry to eat the last slice of the Strawberry cake. Now they are using cannonball launchers in broad daylight to destroy each other's fortifications and try to bring the other down …

You are the only one who can put an end to this! You can choose which side you are on and give a helping hand in defeating the enemy. Use your focus and skills to shoot the cannonballs as close to your opponent as possible.

Once one of them wins, and all of this is over, our ever-quarreling friends can return to being best buddies. What do you say? Will you be the one to show them the true meaning of friendship once again?

How to play the game

First things first: which side are you on, Tom or Jerry? Once you choose your character, you can start the game. Bring your weapon into the backyard and use the Mouse to aim your launcher at something. You can point it towards anywhere, but since you can't see your opponent's position, you will need to calculate and guess the ball's landing point.

Hold the Mouse for a powerful throw. You can see the ball's path, drawn with a little dotted line across the screen. The longer you hold the Mouse pressed, the higher your projectile goes. To win the game, you need to hit your enemy five times. The same goes for the other way around. Should you get yourself injured more than four times, it's game over for you.

At the bottom of the page, there is a power-up button. It will enable you to shoot three cannonballs at a time instead of one. Not only that, it means you get a better chance to hit your opponent, but it also means more damage (2 ore 3 hits at once). Typically, you can use it only once, but it will reactivate during gameplay if you get hit.

Tips and tricks

Here are some quick tips for you! The items and garden surrounding you can either help you or work against you. On every level, there will be some coins floating above the battleground. You can use the cannonball to collect them and get a higher score at the end.

You can also destroy boxes, bird-houses, and tree branches by sacrificing a hit and clear the path to your enemy. Be careful, though, for that means you'll be vulnerable too.

Not everything is dark and gloomy, though. You can use the items around you to make a sure hit. Go ahead and try to make the cannonballs roll down a children's slide, right into the arms of your enemy. Or perhaps you could try to hit them from above by using a trampoline and a basketball hoop. Using your intelligence and creativity will surely get you victory!

At the end of each level, your score will be calculated based on how much damage you've received and how quickly you've finished the round. Now that you know the rules go ahead and have fun!

Game Details and Stats

Backyard Battle is an excellent Tom and Jerry game that you can play on NuMuKi for free. It has been added to our website on Wednesday, May 06, 2020. The game has been played 451 times so far and has received a rating of 85 / 100 from a total of 62 user votes, 53 likes and 9 dislikes. Backyard Battle is loaded in an iframe, so it would adequately render in all browsers, including the mobile devices. The game window resolution has been optimized for best visual performance, having the width of 1024px and the height of 576px. If you enjoy playing Backyard Battle, you might be excited finding out that there are 45 more Tom and Jerry games you can try! The most popular is Food Fight and the most recently added is Memory Mischief

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