Trap Sandwich

Play the Sandwich Trap game and help Tom finding the needed ingredients for a sandwich. Set traps to slow down Jerry, which is trying to cause you trouble!

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Tom has to get to his sweetheart in the Trap Sandwich game! What some cats wouldn't do when they are in love. Such feelings make you want to cross oceans and deserts just to get a glimpse of your loved one. Our favorite cat has to face a challenge if he wants to get to that cute kitty friend.

Unfortunately for him, Jerry is here to cause him some trouble again! Though they are best friends, they always turn each other's plans upside down. Well, that what friends are for, I guess!

Your job is to help Tom get to the girl in time. To do this, you need to assist him in making a sandwich for Spike! He's guarding the door and won't let anyone pass without some delicious bribe.

Search the house!

All the ingredients for the sandwich are hidden around the house. Jerry made sure it won't be an easy job for you to get everything right. Each room might be hiding some precious piece of food that will be your ticket to the girl.

You must look at all the furniture pieces to see whether that is the place where the secret items are. Only after you will get them all will you be able to bribe the dog to let you past the guarded door. No other way will work out for you.

To move around and inspect the places, you will only need to use your keyboard. Play alone or with a friend and select your own keys to play with. Choose whatever feels more comfortable for you. You can even play with your opponent as the computer!

Defend yourself!

Because the rivalry between Tom and Jerry is widely known, you shouldn't be surprised to find out that they laid traps for each other all over the place. The fun part is that you get to put some too! As you will check the furniture, you will not always find food. Sometimes you'll get weapons and traps!

You can win yourself some extra time by slowing down your opponent. To do that, you can lay out some of the traps you found in places where you think he will go. Once he gets to them, he will have a little surprise! Be careful, though, not to get into your own traps! Always remember the places where you left them!

When you find yourself in the same room with the other, make sure to have a weapon on hand! Make the switch and use your designated key to attack! Don't expect the other won't. It's better to be one step ahead.

The thing with girls is that they get impatient fast. If it takes you too long to get to them, you'd better expect them to be long gone. That's why you should keep an eye on the timer at all times. Not only will the girl leave you hanging, but both you and the other player will lose the game!

Now you are prepared to face the challenge! See whether you can make the sandwich right and get the girl in due time. Don't let your sweetheart waiting too long and solve the task quickly.

Good luck!