Taste the Pain

Save the world from an icy faith in the Mao Mao: Taste the Pain game. Jump in ice obstacles to get to the monster and slay it as soon as you get to it!

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About Taste the Pain Game

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A monster has to be slain in the Mao Mao: Taste the Pain game. It seems that some ice dragon has conquered the sky. As a result, he is making everything freeze up, even the sun which was spreading warmth is now cold. Only some kitten heroes can put things straight once again, but they cannot do that alone. These fluffy cuties need your help!

Your job is to make sure that the vengeful kitten is not too angry not to notice the big boulders of ice. If any of these huge obstacles hit, you can be sure that the next destination is the ice-cold ground. The ice will build up around the kitty, making it impossible to fly!

How to Play

To keep the kitty up in the air, you have to make sure that it manages to bounce on the sharp pieces of ice. To do that, you have to either use your keyboard or your mouse. If you are going for the keyboard, then the only keys you will need are the Z and X ones. If you want to jump in the air, you should press the Z key. Regardless if you are on ice or in mid-air, the kitty will jump! Conversely, you can also click anywhere on the screen to do the same thing.

If you think that the character is moving too slowly, then the X key was made especially for you. You can press it to gain a little speed boost that will certainly spice things up a little. You should use it, especially if there is a significant distance between the ice blocks. That way, there will be no danger of falling.

Have fun slaying the ice monsters that's spreading all this unbearable cold! Be sure to beat your own high scores to get better and better at saving the world!