Super Mega Power Panic

Explore a dark dungeon in the Lego Nexo Knights: Super Mega Power Panic game! Navigate the maze, look for the crystals and take down all the monsters!

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About Super Mega Power Panic Game

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Are you brave enough to go inside a dark dungeon? If so, get your armor on and give the Lego Nexo Knights: Super Mega Power Panic game a try! The place is crawling with scary critters from the Book of Monsters, and someone must take care of them. Will you be able to deal with all the beasts and save the day?

It's time to explore the maze! Your job is to fight off all the villains and collect the crystals that drop. However, you have to be careful because more and more creatures will constantly appear. Do your best to pick up the gems, as they will give you the special abilities needed to win the battle!

How to Play

Before you begin the fight, you should understand the basics. To move through the dark dungeon, you will have to use your keyboard! Use the Up, Down, Left, and Right arrow keys to guide your character in each direction. Once you're ready to attack, just keep pressing the Space Bar and aim at your enemies!

You will be surrounded by monsters as soon as you begin the challenge. That's why you must keep your eyes on the screen and keep moving. Each time you get too close to the creatures, you will lose some of your health. You only have one life, so don't use it up, or it will quickly be game over!

For every three green crystals you collect, you will be able to unlock a special shield. Once you pick it up, you will be protected from the scary creatures for a limited time. Use this ability to your advantage, and escape danger to keep the battle going! 

It's good to look out for any items that appear around the maze. If you manage to catch them, you can obtain new weapons or even unique abilities. Are you running out of health? If so, pick up the red hearts scattered through the labyrinth, and you'll be back on your feet in no time!

How long will you be able to last through this mission? Put on your knight armor and help the Lego Nexo Knights defeat all the enemies!