Aquaman: Race to Atlantis

🔱 Join Aquaman in a new underwater adventure in the Race to Atlantis game! Explore the ocean depths, avoid obstacles, and stop Orm from starting a war!

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About Aquaman: Race to Atlantis Game

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Dive into a deep sea adventure with the Aquaman: Race to Atlantis game! Our hero, Arthur Curry (aka Aquaman), needs to rush back to his underwater kingdom. His half-brother, Orm, is causing chaos and threatening to start a war, and only Aquaman can stop it!

Join Aquaman as he speeds through the ocean depths. But watch out! The path to Atlantis is full of dangers. Can you guide him past sneaky sea creatures and tricky obstacles to reach his home? It's a race against time to prevent a watery war!

How to Play

Aquaman knows his way around the ocean, so he'll swim automatically. You just need to use the up and down arrow keys to steer him clear of danger. It's a simple game of dodging and diving, but it takes quick reflexes and sharp eyes to avoid those obstacles!

The ocean is full of amazing creatures, but not all of them are friendly. Watch out for jellyfish, sharks, and even giant turtles! If you bump into them, Aquaman will lose some energy. He only has three chances, so be careful!

Every now and then, you'll run into Aquaman's grumpy brother, Orm. When he appears, quickly grab the glowing yellow orb to give Aquaman his powerful trident. Then, line up your shot and watch him toss it at Orm!

What else you should know

Along the way, you'll find shiny coins scattered throughout the underwater world. Collect as many as you can to buy special upgrades in the shop, like a Coin Magnet that attracts coins or a Sea Dragon Horn that lets Aquaman ride a mighty sea dragon for a short time.

Think you have what it takes to guide Aquaman safely to Atlantis? Put on your scuba gear and dive into the action! With your help, Aquaman can reach his destination, stop the war, and restore peace between land and sea.