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    Any Browser
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    Desktop, Mobile, Tablet
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    960 x 540
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You'll have a blast fighting in the game! Have you ever wanted to go against some of the most powerful superheroes in the world? Now you have the chance to go against total strangers from all around the world in a breathtaking battle. Doesn't that sound like a thrilling encounter? 

This game consists of multiple encounters between the most gifted and well-known superheroes. Your goal is simple: gather points to help your character evolve. Once you are strong enough, start killing other players to gain coins! Who can last the longest in the arena? Let's find out!

How to play the game

From the moment you arrive at the arena, you need to keep moving! To do so, move your cursor in the desire direction. Your superhero will run automatically. All you need to do is guide him towards the bonus points that help him evolve. It sounds easy, but you'll soon find that it can be tricky!

Killing other opponents is what will help you gain coins and rise in the ranks! How to do that? Simple, click whenever an enemy is in the range of your weapon. However, make sure you don't get hit by your foe first!

The most impressive part about this game is how your hero evolves with every point you gather and every kill you make. Did you know that there are over 30 characters that you can play?

Everybody starts as Captain America. The more you play, the stronger your protagonist gets. Therefore, on the second level, you will become Iron Man. You'll also be able to play the role of Spider-Man, Batman, and many others. It's so cool that every hero has a different weapon! Can you learn to handle all of them? It's essential if you want to win!

Even if it might seem like a tough battle at first, you'll get the hang of the rules if you start practicing. In the end, all that matters is that you make as many kills as possible! What is more, you will receive bonuses from the lucky wheel at the end of each confrontation! The extras consist of speed boosts, coins, or even extra lives. See how far your superhero can go in this race that will raise your adrenaline levels!

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